Scrolling content inside a fixed or sticky div (mobile navbar)

hello guys, here’s an interesting question. I need to scroll some content inside a fixed div. I can’t do it with visibility:overflow because it’s a menu, or better yet, I don’t know-how.

The problem is as follows: I’m working on a mobile menu that needs to stay fixed on top. I used sticky and fixed position but the content (menu items) overflows the height and because it is fixed it won’t scroll.

what can I do?

Here is my site Read-Only:

hi @mao you should create a container on top of the dropdown content and place the overflow to scroll . this should create a scrollable section within the dropdown.

Let me know!

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Hi there, I am dealing with a similar issue, can I ask you what you mean with “create a container on top of…” - you mean a div that contains the dropdown?