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Scrolling animation

Hello everybody,

I was wondering if there was a way to pull off PNG or JPG sequence animations that were triggered by scrolling, similar to this site:

I’m creating a website on the history of animation, and I think adding the subtle movements to some of the images would really help bring this story to life.

Any insight would really help.

Thanks in advance,

It says on that “active scroll” animations (animated movement of photos or other elements on mouse scroll) are ‘coming later’- but the site has said that since it was added like 8 months ago - I think it’s still coming, but likely pushed back due to other awesome stuff. I believe plugins like will do some of what you want but not natively in webflow or without code :confused:

@thesergie probably has a rough timeline of if this is still in the works for development, actively, or yet to be started.

Thank you for your reply @jaidenraleach

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Start by recording your screen at a minimum of 30 fps (try 60). From there, load the video in Photoshop or After effect and export the keyframes you need to depict the animation. You can even make small gif anims. Is that the answer you’re looking for?

We haven’t started working on Interactions v2.0 due to “other awesome stuff”. But we’re excited to work on it when the time comes. :slight_smile:


Thanks @vincent, but I was really looking for the animation to be triggered by scrolling instead of just auto playing as an animated gif.

I appreciate your reply though.


Ignore my reply, I realize I misunderstood your question (:

Hi Sergie,

Any news on this feature, which was also mentioned as coming soon on your codepen.

This thread is over 477 days old, the CodePen was last updated March 2015.

Surely there’s been enough time to build the other features, and get it done?

Cheers, P

I have been waiting for this feature as well. It will create a lot of possibilities to create parallax website that could push webflow to another level…but looks like they are focusing on CMS-related features.

@tgrrr we’re actually planning on it this year! So be of good cheer young jedi.

but looks like they are focusing on CMS-related features

Actually all the big features we’ve released recently were not CMS-related. We’ll always be working on making our CMS and design tooling more powerful.