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Scrolling animation error

Hey guys, I am starter at Webflow and often make mistakes I don’t see how to fix. Today I tried to make 5 layers of fixed divs with different color and when scrolling thru sections the divs scales opacity and reveal the div with z-index (z-1). On the 4th section the animation reveals the div corresponding to the 1st section. Any ideas? Please.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hey @Martin_Petrov , it would be more helpful if you shared the read-only link to your project as well.

However, I used dev tools to inspect your subdomain and I found out that in Section 4, opacity is 0 for bg _4 and opacity is set to 1 for bg _1. You may have to check your interactions panel and make sure you have set the opacity for the right class.

I don’t know how to share that link. Can you tell me please

I checked everything seems to be fine

Hey @Martin_Petrov , I shared an article on how to do it in my previous post but you can also find it here below:
here you are