Scrollable Text Elements Interfere with Section between (Tablet View)

Hey guys,

I’m at the end of my capabilities. Can’t finish the project due to an responsive error on tablet view. I pray someone can find the bug (I can pay reward if you want)

There are two scrollable text sections. Somehow they “cut down the space” for the section in between. This section is hidden at top and bottom behind these two other sections.

Can someone find a way to give it the space it needs?

Would be so grateful for any hints.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - inopitas

You have a containing DIV which has a fixed height ( 100vh ) and is set to overflow=none. The content inside is a bit bigger than that space will generally be on a typical screen, so it’s getting truncated.

Here’s how to find it-

Michael, such a huge thanks to you! :pray:
May I give a little back for your help? I could send a gift card or donate to a NGO