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Scroll triggered animation doesn't work with lottie

The first animation is triggered by scrolling into view and works perfectly. The second animation should animate with scroll and does not work. This has been consistent in my experience with webflow.

Additionally, sometimes the animation turns completely blank after going into Preview and will only reappear with a page refresh.

I’ve tested this across several browsers, mobile included, and several devices. It simply doesn’t work. I’ve read through the forum and seen people have similar issues and I’m thinking it’s a bug, but maybe someone here has a trick to make it work.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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I had a look and it seems the second animation on your home page wasn’t working because within your scroll animation ‘scroll into view’, the lottie animation at 100% keyframes is set to 0%. If you change it to 100% it should work.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you! I adjusted that many times, but it still refused to work. Now I realize you have to leave it at 100% for it to work properly. I’ve been wracking my brain for hours trying to figure that out. You’re the best!

Not a problem at all, I’ve been through the struggles myself. I’m glad I could help!

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