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Scroll Top arrow not working on tablet

Testing website. Have found that scrollTop arrow in footer not functioning on a tablet unless I really zoom in on it.
Any tips or pointers to better that interaction?

Thank you.

Looks like you have an issue with the tapping zone. Can you share your public link? It can also be an overlapping object who catches the spot instead of your link.

FYI you’re supposed to craft 48x48pt zones for taps. When smaller, it’s sometimes hard for the device to properly catch the tap and for the user to target.

To get a pixel resolution, multiply the pt value by 2x for retina and 3x for higher densities.

Size seems OK, nothing overlapping. Did try to select the element and change the positioning in order to add z-index just in case. Though as soon as I changed the positioning that made it completely disappear from footer. [ scratch that idea ].

I suppose I can manually increase the dimensions a bit more.
Now I am wondering how/where in settings can I increase the milliseconds for the scrolling? I think it could be sped up just a tad.

Thank you.

Can you share your public link?

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