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Scroll to Text in page without using Sections?

Is there a way to get the page to scroll to the top of a topic when the topic is clicked in the sidebar other than using sections?

Here’s the site I’m working on:

I would like to be able to click on one of the links in the sidebar (in the dropdown under Patient Info) and have the topic scroll up to the top of the page. Ideally the sidebar would float in the page too, but when I tried doing that the column on the right spanned across the entire page and behind the sidebar. I guess I could try a navbar.

Here’s my read only link:

Hi Corrine,

I would lean towards a navbar - otherwise it’s going to be frustrating telling the columns what to do!

I think an example of what you are after is in this template: (navbar to left and page scrolls to sections)

There is a different approach here: (two divs classed as a left and right column - not ‘webflow columns’) Imagine them as 25% left with a menu and 75% right for the content)

Hope that helps - anyone know any other column magic?


Thanks for your reply @StuM. I guess I could just have each topic open in a new page, which is how that second template seems to work. I thought about doing that from the beginning but then thought there would be a way for the scroll to work.

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