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Scroll to section on page issue

Hello all,

I have almost completed my first website on Webflow, but I have 1 last challenge.

I have set the menu tabs to scroll to specific sections on the page. I also have a background video on the desktop and tablet view, but as you know, only a GIF or background image will work for the mobile views. I have opted to go for an image, but now the tab that is supposed to scroll to this section is split between either the background video or the background image…Please note my site only has 1 page.

When you open the shared link, open the desktop view, scroll down a bit and then click the “HOME” tab. It will scroll back to the top. Now when you’re in the mobile view, it goes nowhere because this video is hidden. I changed the section I wanted and this worked, but now the opposite has happened in the desktop view…

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Brent,

You could just insert a new section/div element and move the Background Video and Background Header elements into it.

Then give that new section/div an ID of header-section, then change the Home link to that ID.

This will allow the scroll to that section to work in both desktop/mobile view.

Hello @Phoxic

Thanks for your response! So do I do this whilst in the desktop view or the mobile view? As I mentioned, its my first time on here, is it possible to get a quick video of how you complete the suggested change?

You can do it in either view. I’m away from my work PC so am unable to provide a video unfortunately.

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