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Scroll to animation huge latency in display

When you click team link in nav menu or scroll to team section
there is a big latency going on
i don’t understand why?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Funkaholik

Are you able to take a screen recording (Webflow often use Cloudapp for example) or give some more detail on how much latency/how long?

The first time it loaded for me, it seemed to scroll to the section with a jump just before it loaded, but quite snappy, and then it seemed to load fine thereafter?

Thats exactly what i was talking about … that jump on the way to Team section
very annoying … how to get away with it?
Also i don’t understand why navbar opens only on second click

i 've found out what was causing that jump/snap
large image i’ve iploaded to one of members icons (i remember WF
used to have an optimization for all images)

but that last navbar issues still open for me.

There’s this info on responsive images (inline):

Re: the Navbar - are you using the native navbar and also adding an interaction - might be that they are affecting each other/cancelling each other out/z-indexing the full screen nav?