Scroll snapping and anchor link question

Hello, hello,

I am trying to implement scroll snapping om my page following this tutorial. The scroll snapping works (jeej :)), but am having trouble with 3 things and would love to get some guidance on it:

  1. It’s easy to skip a section if you scroll hard. Is there a way to ensure visitors will not scroll over a section that easily?
  2. In-page linking does not work. On my top section I have set the button to go to section 2. But it does not do that
  3. I have set a (long) background image on the body that should cover the site top to bottom. And I want the background to scroll to the next part of the background image section by section, but it does not do that.

My page is this: Webflow - Make Better Cocktails

Any and all tips are welcome

Thanks & best,