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Scroll navigation not showing

Hi there!

On my clients side I am using a navigation that should show “on scroll”, but it does not show.
I watched the tutorial again and set it up like it is supposed to (I hope :slight_smile:

It does show, when I am in Preview-Mode (having clicked on the little eye) but it does not show, when I publish the site.

Can anybody help?

Thanks a lot!

Here is my public share link:

When do you want the scroll to occur. The scroll interaction needs to have a trigger. And an element can be manipulated based on that trigger coming into view on scroll. If you apply it straight to your navbar it will drop immediately because the navbar is in view already.

Where on the page were you ideally wanting it to appear?


Webflow and the WF community have been great for me, so thought I’d upload my first screencast to see if I could offer some help!

Hope this answers your question. It messed with my head at first too!

Private link so no one else can find it.

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