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Scroll Magic: Beginner's Help

##Scroll Magic Help

Are there any updates near about active scroll? I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around ScrollMagic. I’m simply looking to pin a container at a specific horizontal point.

Hello, So I’m a bit lost on integrating Scroll Magic in my Webflow Site.

I would like to have the front <div> in the main container to scroll as normal, but with the enter <container> defaulted at -400px vertically from its current position at page load.

As I scroll down, I would like to have the enter container remain at the new position until it hits the bottom of the main <container>, from there It would be nice if it were to translate back down to its current position.

I’ve looked into Ihatetomatoes: ScrollMagic 101 - A Simple Pinning

I’m still a bit lost on how to do this through Webflow opposed to exporting the Zip files and working off the raw downloaded HTML/CSS.

Did you ever figure this out? Looking for a solution myself. Thanks.