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Scroll location for current class is incorrect

If you go into almost any of the portfolio projects, there’s a sticky menu on the right side. I need the menu to highlight on the current class, but in some cases the menu item seems to be targeting something else.

Any ideas?

page: local-code-data-design-cities

Main Problem - wrong anchors selection

Your main problem/issue - If you give anchor only for H2!! The current state will be only for very small scroll area (A) (So it looks like a bug)

Solution - put the id for the wrapper “parent” (A+B) = Sections (Not for specific image -or- heading)

Example 2

Why you put the id on the image?

Use anchors for the parent div.


This idea/pattern works great for sections (So devide your content to sections).


Bad (ID on H2 inside area1):