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Scroll link - change anchors through the sections


I have a hard time to find a way to make my scrolling arrow to have different link thought the sections and to make it to disappear when reach the bottom of the website. Can you give me some tips how to fix this issue.



Here is my public share link: LINK
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You must add your own JS code. Also you need minimal JS knowledge for this task.

How to:


2 examples:

Thanks a lot for the information! I will try it.

Hi I have tried the customize code but seams that after the export there is a error says: the jQuery is not defined.

Have you even experience smth similar?

Webflow link:

screenshot link:

HI. This is very common error. First dollar sign($) or Jquery() is the same (the dollar is shortcut)

jQuery() — which can also be written as $() — searches through the DOM for any elements that match the provided selector and creates a new jQuery object that references these elements (jQuery docs)

You want to use Jquery before you call to this library!! so the $ …the “jquery” is not defined

How to solve this:
One way is to put the code “before body tag” (not in the head).

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