Scroll issue on mobile viewport

The problem I have is with the mobile version of the main page of my website. If you see in the following link, the web page produces a kind of bug when I scroll down to the end of it.

I’ve searched all over the web for a solution, but I haven’t found anything. Please I need your help. Thank you!

PS: the same “phone footer” has been added in the different sections of the website and only produces this bug on the main page.

Read Only-Link: Webflow - Dustlight

hi @Laureano_LOPEZ_BARBE cards overlapping in section “Produkt Übersicht” can be fixed with correct CSS settings.

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Hello, thank you very much for answering, but I don’t understand. Is the bug that the mobile version of my website is experiencing due to an error in the “Produkt Übersicht” section?

I think the bug already existed before I created that section.

If there really is a bug in said section, how can I solve it?

HI @Laureano_LOPEZ_BARBE I do not see any ERROR on your live site in console. Cards responsiveness is not a bug it is design that should to be adjusted to make this section work correctly.

hi @Laureano_LOPEZ_BARBE can you specify what bug you are talking about? Can you provide screenshot of you are talking about or ERROR message you are getting?

Hi Stan, thank you very much for trying to help me. The bug I experienced appears in the mobile version of the published site (it does not appear in Webflow, only on the published site).

You can confirm that this bug exists by entering from a cell phone. You will see that when you lower the scroll bar to the end of the page, a kind of tremor occurs, which does not allow you to see the footer in its entirety.

The curious thing is that this bug only occurs on the “home page”.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

hi @Laureano_LOPEZ_BARBE just checked on iPhone and have no issue to scroll down fully in portrait or landscape.

Precisely, on iPhone this problem does not happen :frowning:

If I could send you a video I would show you this bug. I have tested the cellular version of the website on a Motorola g71 (my phone), a Huawei, and an iPhone. The bug happens in the two models that I mention first, however, it does not happen in iPhone.

I’m going to upload a video of the bug to YouTube Shorts, and there you can see the bug:

In this recording I am using chrome. The error persists in other browsers such as Brave or Edge.
Also, this bug does not occur in the “landscape” version.

hi @Laureano_LOPEZ_BARBE sorry I cant help more as I do not own Android phone as it can be specific to this platform. What I do see you have 2 footers but I do not see main footer be hidden on mobile viewport. May be this can be an issue as these 2 footers fight with each other. I really do not know as I never created two footers (only one with correct responsive design)

@Stan OK, thank you too. I have already tried cutting the footers and reviewing the page again, but it seems that the error is not due to this. Likewise, the bug does not persist on other pages such as “shop”, or “FAQs”, in which both footers also coexist.

I think I’ll have to contact Webflow support. Thanks all the same!

The only thing you can try to remove body class (if any) and hide all sections except first publish and review, add next section publish and … to find what section is messing up but …

That’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been cutting section by section, posting and re-watching this bug. I have only not been able to perform this procedure in those sections that contain “collection list wrapper” or “Add to Cart” elements since Webflow does not allow me to cut these.

hi @Laureano_LOPEZ_BARBE as issue doesn’t persist on other pages the only thing you can be sure it is not a bug.

ok @Laureano_LOPEZ_BARBE Have now checked website in chrome dev tools and page doesn’t scroll to the end until I have removed part of e-commerce section.
Please check this video to see where issue can be and revisit this section.

NOTE: creating mobile version for each section is not good practice as these days we have tools to create a fully responsive design. :man_shrugging:

Thank you very much bro, after almost two months with this error I was finally able to solve it :sob: