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Scroll issue on Laptop with Touch


I have a website with fullpage plugin and everything works fine except notebooks that support touch.

See this video->

For some reason, it seems like plugin can’t decide if it should move to another section or not. So it stuck in middle for a while and then goes to sections or decided to go back. Does anyone know why this is happening?

I am using only these parameters:
anchors: ['intro', 'nase-podnikani', 'vyhody', 'o-nas-0', 'o-nas-1', 'o-nas-2', 'o-nas-3', 'zakladatele', 'nase-kancelare', 'kontakt','footer',], menu: '#myMenu', scrollBar: true, r esponsiveWidth: 1279, bigSectionsDestination: top, fitToSection: true, });

Website ->

Thanks for any help!

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