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Scroll interactions and filters?

Hi everyone! I’ve been testing out webflow and loving it so far!
The interactions 2.0 is really nice but I’ve stumbled upon a little problem. I want a whole section, with texts and images, to be greyscale when scrolled into view but I cannot figure out how to do it. Is it possible with the scroll interactions or do I have to do it with custom code?

Peter, Sweden


Hi @Svarte_Peter_J_Barte,

Great question.

Perhaps we could create this interaction by having the full color image overlay the same image, but with the grayscale filter applied:

Then, the interaction could change the opacity of the full color image from 100% to 0% as it scrolls into view.

Lastly, IX2 is able to control the color of text. So if you need to change text color on scroll - that would be doable.

Do you happen to have a site we can tinker with?

If so, feel free to provide your share link:

I look forward to hearing from you :nerd_face:

  • Micah
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Hi @Svarte_Peter_J_Barte,

The following URL is an example of what I was describing above:

And the following is the Webflow share link:

Hopefully this helps :blush:

  • Micah :nerd_face:
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Sorry for late response! I just want to thank you for the reply!
I found a workaround with custom code :slight_smile: