Scroll Interaction Offset?

I am furthering my expertise in Webflow and trying to get involved in utilizing interactions. I was able to get some functionality out of the Load Trigger… However. I can’t seem to figure out the SCROLL Trigger and how to make it work properly. It is probably the most important one nowadays with mobile web being so popular. Can someone first explain the offset and how to use it properly as well as any tips or hints to making the Scroll interaction function properly.

Thank You all so much !


Hi @JibbyFlow :smile:

These tutorials can help you out:

Good luck and have fun!

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I seem to have gotten the scroll to work finally. I was watching the tutorial and just getting lost in it. I got the hang of it now I think. What is a suggested offset for mobile scrolling ? Any advice as I set my offset to 8% on my gateway page and it seems to work on all view ports pretty good.

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