Scroll has gone from the designer

hey I’m not sure why or how but I can no longer scroll down to work on my site below the initial window view.

here is a link:


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@CATKIN you seem to have dragged all your sections inside your nav element. Also, your ‘body’ element got a class applied to it. It should really stay as is if you’re not totally sure how to change it :slight_smile: .
Remove that class applied to the body and drag the sections out of the ‘nav’ element so they’re under the body, not the nav. Here’s an image to show the right structure.

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@CATKIN I found these tutorials really helpful when I first started with Webflow:

They’re really great at giving a quick overview and allowing you to jump in quickly with the right structuring etc (plus the guy who does them is hilarious and very to the point). Hope that helps!

ahhhh yes thanks!
im new here trying to figure it all out!
thanks for the help.


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