Scroll function doesn't work

Hey guys,

I am working on my personal website and found myself with a really annoying bug I can’t seem to fix.

In my footer which is a symbol I have this scroll up button:

On my normal pages, it’s set to scroll te the section “scroll”, and this works fine.

However, When I go to one of my blog pages that are connected to the CMS the scroll button does not work. When I click to edit the scroll button I see that the function is not linked to scroll to the section called “scroll”. ! If I enter the “scroll” as the new target its changes and it now works for the CMS blog pages. However, it now stops working on normal pages and this goes on and on.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Below you can find links to my project!

Thanks a lot in advance!

Link editor:

Link published blog post:

Link blog page: