Scroll fixed to horizontal and won't change!

Struggling to troubleshoot this issue, my webpage seems to be not only scrolling vertically, but also horizontally… I’ve had a look at the forum for answers and tried to figure this out myself by ensuring the body element (which is filled by an image) is to 100% and the width is auto.
I’m obviously missing something here so any help would be really appreciated!

First delete the navbar…

No more horizontal scroll… Navbar is the problem…try to find the solution in the nav…

If you don’t find it look at the solution bellow


Have fun

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Hi @Emma_Kilby ,

You’ll also need to set the ‘Testimonials’ section to overflow: hidden so you don’t have horizontal scroll due to all the testimonial cards.

More on overflow: hidden here: Overflow: hidden | Webflow University

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Sorted- thanks both!