Scroll feel within webflow

I was discussing with a team today about how going full custom build often results in a higher end feel over using webflow. Is it possible to build a site that has a scroll and overall high quality feel like this -

Apparently webflow is restrictive and the best sites out there are all custom built.

The scroll of a standard Webflow site is the scroll of your browser, unmodified.
The scroll of your example is altered by something, probably the animation JS library used to build the page (maybe it’s the GSAP lib). And yes, it’s nice and fluid, it’s a bit accelerated compared to standard, and it also has way more threshold/elasticity.

So the answer is look into animation libraries and see how you can affect the scroll of your page. Please, if you succeed, it would be awesome if you came back here to tell the community about your finds :slight_smile:

Edit maybe it’s this scrollsmoother