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Scroll element?

Is there a way to add scroll to a div block within a section so that when the user hovers over this div they can use the mouse wheel to scroll through that div element?


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Yes, you can explore with the overflow CSS options in the Style panel.

If the height of a DIV is set, and its content is overflowing, you can allow the user to scroll inside.



Use one of the last 2 options. Prefer the last one for an only vertical scroll.

oh btw is there any way to hide the scrollbar on the scrolling div retaining the scroll itself?

Yes but with additional CSS code that you add as custom code. It’s super easy for Webkit as I remember, but not so easy for the other browsers (IE, Edge, Firefox…). Sometimes require a specific HTML structure. (Also it’s not very recommended for the experience and accessibility).

I let you google this, I didn’t find an easy, readymade solution.

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Thought so.

The separate scrolling blocks as a whole are not exactly user-friendly anyway. Was thinking about the more visual, graphical context rather than textual information and whatnot.

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I’m sure you have your reasons :slight_smile: No problem. I just take the occasion to advocate about accessibility stuff when I can :slight_smile:

Let me know if you craft the perfect, cross browser code to clean up those scrollbars, so we can share the snippets.

I just checked you profile and your language selector site… sacrebleu that union Jack animation is cool!

(mon dieu je fais des blagues comme les américains maintenant :smiley: ) (btw seems to be down)

Wow the Zen nav is cool too! I love the colors of the M logo, the ones of the inverted pyramids too… are those all CSS 3D things? That’s cool.

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Haha, thanks! It was never used on the actual project though, the days of one language - one country are over so this was deemed not politically correct, duh!

And yeah, I know my old main site is down, getting the shiny new version done as we speak actually.

Yeah, that was an exploration of css 3d transforms + (at the time just released) IX2. Had a mortal fight with the Firefox’s treatment of parent perspective and nearly gave up on cross-browser compatibility in frustration. Nice to hear you like the end results anyway!

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