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Scroll down nav works but doesn't scroll up. Why not?

On this page Scrolling down the page reveals a side nav bar on the right that links/scrolls to the appropriate person section down the page. The people are generated from a Collection. The side bar nav links scrolling down work, but don’t work in reverse eg, 1 -> 3 is fine, 4 ->5 is fine, but 3 -> 1 (or similar) does not work.

I’ve tried two ways of doing this:

Option 1 -
Embedded code is being used in the person’s section to generate the anchor being scrolled to. It works, but only in a downwards scrolling action, scrolling from a low position to a higher position does not work. But it works perfectly in the Webflow Preview mode, not the Published site !?!

Option 2 -
The same thing as above but the links are not being generated by a collection, they are static elements. They still only work in one direction = only scroll down. But this also works perfectly in the Webflow Preview mode.


Why is this not working in the Published site but does work in Webflow Preview? That is, the side nav scrolling links only work from high to low (eg, 1 -> 2, 3->5), scrolling up to a person above (eg, 4 -> 2) doesn’t work.

Any help with this would be awesome (it really needs to work as in option 1, everything being generated from the collection).


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