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Scroll Down body

How can I scroll down to the bottom of the page without loosing a part of the body background i configured, there also seems like there’s no space between the las elements and a container fixed that i added…

Here i show you the examples;

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Can you provide your read-only link? An element with the positioning set at “fixed” sits above the other elements in your designer. They’re treated as Absolutely positioned objects so other elements won’t affect its positioning. The solution would be to add extra margins to the bottom of the page until enough space has compensated for the fixed element. You could also try messing with the “sticky” positioning.

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I couldn’t do it, In the body I added 100 PX in the bottom margin, it changed in the designer function but once published didn’t change…

I really didn’t understand how to set the background of the body in 1 color