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Scroll box inside page on Win11 Chrome

I’ve written a bug report to team but would love if someone can spot an error why this is doing this?
Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 09.27.56

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hi @Crunchii it is not a bug. There is a simple reason for this behaviour. Your title wrapper have set overflow: scroll and your element viz. screenshot reaching out of your wrapper. You should fix title holder in first place. If there is a reason you can’t do that you can simply set overflow: hidden

Hope this will help you to solve your issue

Thank you Stan fixed the problem. Embarrasing we have had that for 5 months on our site without anyone internally noticing.

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Glad to help @Crunchii it is always good to have second pair of fresh eyes :wink:

If issue doesn’t persist feel free to close your request as solved