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Scroll animations not working properly at all

Good day, Webflow Community,
I’m having a problem with the scroll animations,
I have a div block with a height of 4000px that I want to use for the scroll animation. The target is a container with images of phones that I have animated inside of Webflow. I want to make group of phones scale up (zoom into them a lot) and ‘disappear’ at the end, scrolling into the next section of the webpage. My problems are

  1. The live preview is stuck at 49% all the time while i’m scrolling,
  2. The published page has the container already zoomed in (around 80% of my 100% scale value at the start and starts zooming more when i have reached the next section and continues to do so until I reach the bottom of the page.
  3. the container seems to be the background of the page now, I cannot explain this.

Can someone please help me out?
Thanks for reading,


Here is my public share link:

Havs the same issue. Wish I could help… did you solve it - please share if so!