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Scroll Animation not working in preview link

The icons on the bottom of the page are supposed to move up and change from 0 to full opacity when scrolled into view, but for some reason this only works when I preview the page in the designer. When I send a read only link to my coworkers the animations on the page are not working. I tried to make a preloader screen as well and it did not work on the preview link I sent out.

What have I done wrong? any help would be much appreciated

Hi @JenniferDesigns,

  1. The first section under the NavBar has no size set, so it’s actually allowing Section 3, just below it to remain in view.

  2. Add a size to the first section; like 100vh.

  3. Then the icon opacity will work :slight_smile:

See ya.

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@garymichael1313 Thank you for the response, I changed the first section to 100 VH but it’s still not working in the preview link :confused:

Yeah it works for me… here’s a video.

Now it only works once. Make sure to add a “scroll out of view” to get it to repeat. All you have to do is:

  1. Copy the animation, this will make a duplicate.
  2. Go to Scroll out, add animation, click on the duplicate and simply delete the second two, then highlight the top two, and take off of initial state.