Scroll Animation | How to build this?


Anyone have an idea of how can I build this section? It’s a fixed section that only works by scrolling. (can’t click the elements to display text)

What would be the best way to build it? Is it an accordion dropdown triggered on scroll?

Thank you very much!

Hey @Quitos !

I made a quick recording going over how I would make this here: CleanShot 2022-08-25 at 15.12.08 · CleanShot Cloud

It’s not a 100% complete demo, but I hope it helps give an idea of how you could tackle it :slight_smile:

Also let me know if I need to do a better job explaining :sweat_smile: I have a bad habit of re-recording these things over and over so I told myself I would just send this one on the first take :sweat_smile:

Oh I forgot to make the pictures change too! But you could do that the same way with the triggers :slight_smile:

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Hi Clark!

I really appreciate you took the time to make a video explaining it! I think that should work.

I’ll give it a try and let you know!

Would you mind sharing me a read-only link? Mostly to compare I’m not missing anything.

Thanks again!

For sure!

Here it is: Webflow - Demo for Quitos

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thankyou so much for sharing this dude, it’s really solved my problem