Script that pulls text value from text link and creates an url query based on it

I’m wondering if I can achieve something like this - I have a CMS with a few blogs articles that all have their respective categories and themes (tags are assigned for both). Since the text content within the tags is dynamic, is there a way to make a script that on click grabs the text value, opens up a new page and places that text value in the url.

So in essence I’m trying to make clicking on the tag open up the blog page and trigger filtering based on the content of the tag by generating a url query from its text value.

The url should look like

Where “sample+text” is the variable.

Yes that’s possible but in the scenario you’ve described, I don’t think there’s a need and it’s not naturally how Webflow would work.

If you have Articles, Categories, and Themes, and they’d be linked to each other, you’d simply build their pages as views centered on each context.

e.g. an Article page would show the blog entry, plus maybe a category, plus maybe the 3 most recent other articles in the same category, plus any related themes. You can click on any of those to reach those things.

e.g. a Category page would list all the Articles in that category

e.g. a Theme page would show whatever it’s linked to, depending on what a theme means to your system.

I know, usually, the workflow would be to make the blog pages and create a dynamic page template that filters by the tag’s text content.

However, my site is using custom cms filtering, because I needed a more responsive filtering solution than the native webflow search.

Read only link

How would you go about making this work?

My Cyrillic is rusty.

I can see that you’re trying to create a more advanced filtering and sorting for your articles list, and that looks like it’s working well. You may still want to build out your Category and Theme pages so that e.g. your breadcrumbs will work. It’s good for SEO too.

In terms of navigating into your blog view, yes you can create links into it, I am guessing your question is how to create links from CMS content that contains your tag in the querystring?

Script is one way, if your approach needs it. However you may be able to do it with an HTML embed. You can form your link manually, with the querystring included.


I understand, thank you for this. Definitely need to create the pages for SEO.