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Script stopped working on IE11 after republish and export to own server

I republished a basic edit on my site on wed 24 feb and exported the code to our internal server and now 2 of the javascript/jquery functions are not working. The trigger for the dropdown buttons and the trigger for the tabbed element. This is only when viewed in IE11 on windows 10 using our own url If viewed on chrome it is OK. If I view the webflow url it works in both IE11 and chrome.

Has something changed that has caused this, maybe the recent chance to jquery? Any help would be appreciated.

@tedcreative64 Can you post a link to the published version on the subdomain? It should be the same code, but there might be slight differences.

To see if it’s related to the jQuery update, you can try to search for in your exported code and change “2.2.0” to “1.11.0”. However, if it’s working on the Webflow published site, that might not be the issue.

Any chance you can point us to the code hosted on your own server? You can do so privately to if it’s sensitive.

Here you go

I cant link you to our hosted version as it is for internal use only. I am also speaking to our IT dept. Thanks for your help

I have tried the jquery change and it has worked. However, rather than have to do this every time I publish can I add it to the custom code for the site or can I not have 2 script references for jquey?

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