Script for creating a thumbnail field pulling the image url from a post body field. Is it possible?

I am importing a wordpress CSV and it doesn’t have a thumbnail field, and I need a thumbnail in my new webflow blog design. Although I have an image mixed with other stuff in every post body field. Is it possible to creat a script that can read every post body field, identify the “scr=” which links an image, and then insert the image in my thumbnail field?

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Hi @Vinicius_Guimaraes, does it mean you want to keep the wordpress hosting ?
Because you ll have to if you want to keep the src link.

Or you want to export images from wordpress, and then re-import them to webflow ?
If it’s the second option, you ll have to do it one by one…

Yes my first choice would be to keep the wordpress hosting.
But thinking better, I should choose to convert the webflow website to wordpress, unfortunately.

@Vinicius_Guimaraes, how many images do you have ? I’ve already done it with a 1400 pages CMS and i haven’t died. If everything is setup nice it goes pretty fast.
The most important when you import is trying to avoid fields that will be used only for import in my opinion.

You can share me your csv and your structure if you want i can have a look and help you.

By the way, i’m not sure if your convert webflow to wordpress ultimatum was an attempt to intimidate me, please keep in mind i’m not working for webflow, i help people because i like to, for free and because i’m convinced that webflow is a way better option than wordpress.
Have a nice day,

The CMS that I`m working with is coming from a wordpress site. Also the company decided in keeping the wordpress as the basis of the site. But the design and frontend I’m doing with webflow.

For new projects i’ll keep pulling towards the usage webflow, I prefer.

I will consider your availability to help with the CVS, if needed i will contact you in the future.

By now, thanks a lot!

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