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Script flickering on load


I’ve added some script to my website which allows me to position the sliders nav to where I want. But when the site is refreshed, it starts from its original position then quickly into the correct position - causing a flickering effect.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on and also a solution to stop the flickering from happening on load?


You can try hiding the nav, then the script unhides the nav once it has done positioning it.

Thanks for the suggestion, but how would I hide the nav? I tried to set the right and left arrow to display none, but that completely removed the arrows.

Will adding jQuery to my website always create this flickers? I’ve also added another jQuery to my news section. It doesn’t look that great on load as it makes the whole page flicker!


That’s correct. Then after repositioning the arrows in jQuery, you can unhide the arrows using .show()

jQuery runs after the page has loaded.

Great, it has stopped the jumping on the screen - thanks for the help!