Screwed mobile layout. How do I reset it?

Hi guys. I would like to start the mobile part of my site from scratch. I would like to inherit what by webflow would show by default. How can I achieve that?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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My suggestion would be to check all your elements on a smaller view port and then check their display settings on the right. In the SS attached you can see that most your elements have been hidden on mobile view. I would go through all elements and uncheck them here so they display on mobile again.

Once I did this to your sections I was able to return it to the default view. IF you’ve done styling changes specifically for the mobile viewport the styles panel will have blue highlight next to text, indicating that you have applied a style there specifically. You will be able to ALT+Click on these and return them to the parents style.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Tom. You have been very helpful.
Warm regards mate.