Screenshare While You Help Me Troubleshoot Static and Collection Pages

I didn’t realize there was a 100 page limit on Webflow. As a result, I need to change a bunch of static pages into collection pages.

Fortunately, these static pages all have the same layout and belong to a couple subdirectories. Here’s an example.

I’d love to pay someone to help me work through this pickle efficiently.

We can jump on a zoom call and you can screenshare while you improve off my collection page (started here) and then help me figure out the best way to import all the collection fields as needed. (I’m thinking we can use a spreadsheet import but would love an expert hand.)

If you are game, please let me know. I’m a quick study and happy to work around your schedule.

Hi Lauren,

More than happy to have a chat about this to discuss timeframe / rates etc. If you check out my forum profile you’ll see I’m an experienced Webflow problem solver.

I’ve had a look at your project and don’t see any showstoppers, it’ll just be a case of how long it takes to manually set up the relevant collection pages.