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Screen Size: 2560 width


I’d like to know what the kind of custom code would be for a 2560 x 1440 px screen size, please. And would I be able to fully work with it and see it live as I work in the Designer mode?

At the moment, I see that my ruler indicates my screen only goes up to 2258px.

I’ve inserted this code:

.w-container {max-width: 2256px;}

But can’t see any changes.

Also, I’ve started to add elements with the 2560 x 1440 sizes but it goes beyond the scope my of my Designer window and doesn’t give me the option to scroll horizontally either.


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Webflow Designer doesn’t have larger breakpoint and you don’t need extra code. I believe they are working on a larger canvas. But if you use an image that is 3000 px wide, then simply insert into WF. But when you view it on a screen that is 2560, the image will scale to that screen size.

I’ve actually had this issue multiple times in other applications. It’s no biggie, if you add an image that’s large, it will scale to that screen size (up). Just like scaling down. The app just needs to be responsive and you’re good.

Make sure you use %'s in your sizing though. That’s why I love Sections! Use a section for heros or headers, because they’re naturally 100% full width, you don’t need to do anything. Use a Section, then add a Div with image inside set to 100% - or - Use a Section and insert the image component. Your image should fill, if it doesn’t add 100% width and height.


Ok, thank you @garymichael1313. Will exhaust your suggestions.

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