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Hello community,

I received my new bank card (mastercard) and I cannot update my webflow account. Here is the error message that appears: Your card has been refused.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@Benoit_Follet - Contact your card issuer, they can tell you potentially why. Webflow might have some insight. We can’t / don’t.

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Hello, I have received my new Mastercard credit card and still cannot update my bank details. I approached my bank; the problem is with you. My advisor sent me a new card. I need to buy a langing page. I took out an annual subscription. There, I just need to pay 24euros …

Unfortunately Jeff isn’t a Webflow employee (just a Community Moderator) so he can’t really do much other than recommend reaching out to Webflow Support directly. Most folks here in the forum are just users so we’re limited in the amount of technical support we can provide.

Below you’ll find the support docs related to fixing failed card payments where it covers some common issues that can prevent the card from processing correctly:

If nothing on there seems to address the problem, you’ll want to either temporarily use another card (if possible) that you can update once you figure out why the payment isn’t being accepted and/or reach out to Webflow Support via email ( or at the link below:

Sorry we can’t be of any more help here :slightly_frowning_face: