Schema Rich Results - Invalid floating point error

Dear Webflow Community,

I have been trying to add schema to my CMS product page, using fields to automate the information. However when it comes to testing the page via rich results, there is an issue with some of the information which I can figure out how to fix.

The problem states that there is a 'Invalid floating point number in property price’. I will attach screenshots to illustrate the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I suspect it could have something to do with the currency symbol from reading around the subject. Anyway, it’s driving me nuts. I would really appreciate some advice from you clever folks out there. Thanks!


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Yes that sounds legit. I’d just follow the guidance… a floating point number does not have a currency symbol or code. You just want 27.00

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Hi Memetican,

Thanks for getting back to me. The only issue is that since I have linked the code up to my products CMS system. Would there be some custom code I can do here to edit the automatically added currency symbol attached to it? Or maybe there is another work around you would advise? The only thing I can think of is creating another field not linked to price, but it just seems a little over engineered to me.

Thanks so much again.

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Yes, you’d have to duplicate the data, or adjusting it with javascript should work adequately.

If you go the JS route, I’d put the JS snippet directly after, inline, and have it fix up the script JSON directly.

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Do you by any chance know what the code would look like in that case? It’s a little beyond my capabilities…

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I do work like this professionally for designers & agencies so if you need help with the coding, drop my a message.

Otherwise a good GPT should help you find a working solution. How you approach it will depend on your page setup, number of JSON-LD blocks, etc.