Schema markup for multilingual site

Hi everyone, I will shortly start building a multilingual site in Webflow and we need to implement various schemas such as FAQ. I can find plenty of information on how to implement schemas, as generic info on various translation solutions, but absolutely nothing that deals in-depth with the need to have some of the schema markup translated. Does anyone know if solutions such as Linguana, Polyflow or Conveythis handle this? Alternatively, is there any way to implement this directly within Webflow using the CMS and custom code. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

You’ll likely need to research this with each platform, along with your other requirements, but I can add a few notes.

Polyfow seems to be down for the count, I’m not getting any replies and not sure what happened there. Likely you can take them off your list.

Conveythis seems to be a JS-only solution which likely won’t suit search engines quite as well. A proxy-based solution would probably do much better there especially for your JSON-LD schema.

WeGlot does seem to be pretty good at this overall, they can even translate external feeds like a Google product feed. I’ve just pinged them to find out the details on schema markup.

Haven’t had a chance to look at Linguana’s design.

For your FAQ’s, one approach is to simply create the FAQs as a section in-page, and then use microdata markup. That way the content is definitely user-facing and will definitely be translated but will also be picked up as structured data.