Schema mark up JSON-LD CMS - articleBody property

Hi all - I found a thread from a few years back with a useful guide by @Siton_Systems for adding schema markup to the head tag by using +Add Field function.

I’m can’t see any of my RTE fields in the + Add Field drop down and am wondering if anyone has found a good solution for adding the articleBody property for CMS pages?

Thanks for your help

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You could possibly augment your JSON-LD using script by extracting and parsing it, adding a field and writing it back.

This approach would be necessary because even if Webflow supported rich text in its embedded field list, it would not be JSON friendly and e.g. a double quote in your content would invalidate your JSON+LD entirely.

However, my tests with Google and JS-generated JSON+LD content have not yet been fruitful, Google Search Console appears to be ignoring it entirely. YMMV.

Thanks for always being so responsive! @memetican
What would be your recommendation for adding the articleBody property to schema markup? I planned to nest the property in the Article schema - but that’s proving to be more complex than I imagined. Is there still a benefit to it? I just came across this response too (which perhaps makes my next question redundant).

And for static pages - is this a matter of manually selecting the copy and pasting it into the JSON-LD in the head tag?

I actually don’t use that property, for the same reasons outlined in the GSC forum post you found.

But if I HAD to, I’d use this rather convoluted approach;

  • Create a plaintext CMS field called JSONLD_articleBody
  • Add webhook automations that trigger on blog post additions / updates, parse the HTML into JSON-encoded plaintext and update that field so it stays in sync automatically.
  • Embed that plaintext field into the JSON content.

This is the minimum path I know of that ensure Google will see the JSON, and that the JSON won’t be invalidated by characters in your articleBody content.

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@matthewpmunger @aaronocampo - what are your recommendations re best practice for adding articleBody or CreativeWork schema to static/CMS pages? or would you avoid for reasons similar to this thread?

@seoninza - curious if you have any insights for the above? :point_up_2: Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand your frustration with not being able to see RTE fields in the +Add Field drop-down for adding schema markup to the head tag. While the specific solution provided by @Siton_Systems may have been useful in the past, it’s possible that Webflow has made changes since then. In this case, you can still manually add the articleBody property for CMS pages. You can create a custom code embed element and insert the schema markup directly into the head section of your CMS template or page. By using the Custom Code section, you have the flexibility to add the necessary schema markup to include the articleBody property and any other required schema properties.

Giovanni, It’s really not helpful to paste in generic ChatGPT responses, particularly when they don’t address the original problem at all.

If you are trying to solve this problem for youself, the problem is that Webflow does not support embedding of rich text fields into code embeds as a content form. The workaround is custom code, or a back-end process to convert that field into plaintext in an adjacent CMS field.