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Scheduled changing of background video depending on time of day

Hi All

I was using the information from this thread: Scheduled hiding of elements (custom code)

But I can’t seem to get it to work — due to the nature of how Webflow treats background videos, I created two different background video divs and am using jquery to hide/show them depending on time of day. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, your live site is password protected.

Yikes! Sorry about that:

Classes are case-sensitive according to how they are published, not what you see in the designer.





###Also, there is error in the conditional logic.

  if(hours > 8 && hours < 22) {
        // ...
  if(hours < 6 && hours > 22) {
        // ...

According to your above code, NOTHING will happen during these hours:

  • hours less than or equal to 8
  • hours more than or equal to 22

To fix, change this line

if(hours < 6 && hours > 22) {

to this

else if(hours <= 8 || hours >= 22) {

or simply this, because when it’s not day, it’s night.

else {

Ahhhh thanks for the clarification! Will keep that in mind next time I implement more jquery.

Nothing to do with jQuery, it’s plain JavaScript.