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If you go to, on the main page, scroll down to “Schedule” and there’s a list-kind-of-thing that goes vertical with bullets and dashes. How do you do that? Javascripts?

In many many different ways. this would be my take

it’s a series of styled LI’s


<li class="single">
<time>2:00 pm</time>
<h6>Chloe Park</h6>

Just a quick look… but it appears… CSS pushes the LI bullet over 69px
and changes the font-color.

Font appears to be LodgeCode… but I don’t have this font-family - so cannot confirm

I’m sure you could do this with any font though… it’s the LI Bullet that you see.

The CCS file is here:

See Video:

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Awesome stuff! Thanks a lot @Revolution and @vincent!

You’ll find that LISTS in webflow are hard to style and have limitations. In the “normal” HTML/CSS world, we use lists for a huge load of stuff, it’s very convenient. On Webflow, not so much actually.

Hmm…I did a variation of it. Somehow I didn’t succeed to get the line a whole. So I splitter it but it looks cool anyway.

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