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Scaling the logo for portrait device

I am trying to scale the logo down only for the portrait device, but it keeps effecting the size on the other versions. I have applied a class to the logo. Even a sub class. But it keeps applying it to all versions.

Can you post your link so we can have a looksy?

Sure. Thanks. silvereaglelodge.webflow.io

From what I see, you dont have a style on the image…

I did this


Give the image/brand css a name and style for each device.


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Instead of assigning an absolute width value via a HTML attribute tag you can use the assign the CSS max width that targets the image as a percentage relative width value like so img {max-width:100%} .

@WaynsterZA, I am having the same problem. Can you explain in more detail how to give the image/brand css a name and style for each device? I have tried but can’t seem to get it. Thanks!

Hi. I have not delved into it any deeper Scarlet. It seems to be a coding solution, and I am leaving it for a bit later. For the time being I have scaled it to fit the portrait device, and left it that size for the others.

Hi @WaynsterZA and @scarlettmacaw, could you submit read-only links to the sites, it is much easier to troubleshoot the issue.


Css styles cascade from Desktop to Mobile, but if you change the width or height of an image from Image Settings, then that change affects to all views.

If you post the read-only links, we can take a look further :slight_smile: Cheers,

@cyberdave, thanks for jumping in! I need to solve for this problem by the end of next week, when my site has to deploy. Here’s the link you asked for:



Hi @scarlettmacaw, thanks for the read-only link :slight_smile: Could you let me know, how do you want to change the logo between the different viewports? I see your logo, but there are no current css changes between viewports


@cyberdave: I somehow fixed this problem. I find it hard to get subclasses to stick onto just the items in a particular viewport, but I did finally manage to get a subclass stuck onto the logo in just that view, and was able to shrink it that way without affecting the size in the other views. Still new here, still learning…

Hi @scarlettmacaw, thanks for letting me know. Don’t worry, it takes a little time, but it comes along pretty quick after you build a couple of sites. The average learning time is about 1-3 months, less for people who already have some background in css and html.

We are going to be having some new updates coming soon, that will add a bunch of new features… stay tuned !


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