Scaling Flexbox after certain size is reached

Hey guys, I am new to webflow and still getting the hang of everything. I recently discovered flexbox and everything it has to offer, really loving it.

Here is the current rendition of my website that I am building…

That said I am having problems scaling my flexbox accordingly after making a window smaller. Below is a link to a website that I am trying to emulate. Their grid scales with the window as one big box up until a certain size is reached and then the borders build out from the sides.

Website Reference

If you notice on my website if you size the window down the flexbox doesn’t react when the flexbox hits the side of the window.

So I am wondering, does anyone know how I would have to build my flexbox so the entire grid scales as one and not individually?

I would really appreciate the help, thank you!

Hello @Gavin_Kosko

Can you share your read only link please?

Sure thing, here you go!

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