Scaling down whole webiste


so i am making a website for a client, he updated me that he want to scale down whole website about 10 percent, basically like if we zoom out in chrome from 100 to 90. so how do i do it like instantly or i will have to do it manually scaling down size units everywhere.

Thank u

Well, if you’ve used REMs everywhere, you can probably scale from the root <html> element.
You’d need to work out the custom CSS, and place it in an HTML Embed in your nav component so that it’s site-wide and takes effect in the designer.


html {
  font-size: 90%; /* default font-size of browsers is typically 16px, so 90% of it is 14.4px */

You could try transform-scaling everything with a piece of custom CSS;

body {
  transform: scale(0.9);
  transform-origin: 0 0;

But I’d expect weird side effects like scrollbar positioning issues and possibly a 10% gap at the very bottom / right of some browsers.