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Scaled Picture is junking back to origin size after page is loaded, but it should keep scaled


i animate on DIV Block (see the Picture).

  1. I want that the Picture is scalling for a few seconds
  2. After reaching the scaling size it should keep stay in this size

In the Webflow Preview it looks good, but when i upload it:

  1. Picture is scaling, but not the duration i entered before
  2. After page is load, the picture is jumping back in original size

i tried couple of settings, but did not figure out, how to solve.

thanks for helping.

Here is my public share link:

got the problem/solution. There was no error.

browser was showing me that the picture was jumping back, because the new tabs were always opening in “Editor Modus” from Webflow.
After is opened it in “incognito Modus/new tab” in Browser it was working perfekt.

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