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Scale wrapper (with child elements in it) proportionally

Continuing the discussion from Need headline and image to fix to each other and to scale proportionately:

I’m having the same issue or question as @KirkC:

It would be incredibly helpful if it were possible to scale a wrapper with items in it, where the children could hold the same proportions no matter how scaled.

Working with VW and VH looks easy but in practice isn’t; because of the fact that the width/height changes non-proportional when the screen is in landscape or portrait position there’s a lot, a LOT, that still has to be done when really making the design fit as desired. And because of not being able to make additional breakpoints (iPad pro f.i.), it sometimes seems impossible to achieve just that; only more or less.

Scaling something like when one’s using TRANSFORM (with that it is possible, but unfortunately only related to itself) would be tremendously helpful!


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