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Scale image Bug, when switching to 1920px breaking point and up

Dear Webflow community,

I encounter a weird problem to which I can’t find a solution. At some later stage of building my website, I (to my regret) introduced an upward breaking point 1920px. My hero slide has a ken burns effect on it (scale). So, when I introduced the new breaking point when switching to 1920px and up the image starts to flicker on the top edges of the frame. I tried to find a solution to that problem but I can’t figure it out. On all the other resolutions it works perfectly fine but as soon as I switch to the 1920px breaking point it starts to bug.

I hope someone can help me out.

Best regards

Here is my public share link:

Hi, I have an ultra wide screen and use new edge browser in windows.
I can see any issues with the pictures.
Do you see this in preview in the editor on when published or explain a little more please.

Hey iDATUS, u will see the bug in the preview mode when u use the 1920px breakingpoint. When i published the site i thought it would be fine as i havent encountered the problem as well. But later on, some people started to reporte the image flickering that appears in the designer when using the 1920px breakingpoint in preview mode.

I hope that helps.

best regards

Ok I have done this and seems to work really nice for the main image.
Go to 1920 break, look for any element that’s blue, in other words you changed.
Click reset on them.

I like the layout and effects but I would fade out the image at the end whilst fading in the replacement image.
A little janky at the moment.

Reseted everything on the 1920px breakingpoint and i still encounter the bug. Interesting that it seemingly differs for different devices.

For your suggestion, your talking about the hero slider images? : )

crap what you done to the page, its all horrible now.
I will stay on this post and watch for updates as its not putting any messages for me at the moment.
Restore from a backup as it was when you logged.
Also can you do a video explaining what it is thats going wrong.
I will try and help and do a video of what I did.

I had a very similar problem and this solved it, thank you!


Thank you for letting me know. its always great to let people know if something helped them in even if its not the original post.


Well I was very relieved to have my problem solved!

I am working on my very first Webflow project, its been a long journey!

The project is ALMOST done but I just have one main problem now which concerns sections flowing into each other. This only happens in Mobile Landscape and one more larger breakpoint.

Would you mind having a look what is going on? I just can not figure it out, and I know Im spending hours on something that a pro can fix in 2 minutes!


Dont always assume a pro is any better than yourself in finding quickly.
For me being an IT person since mid 80’s cough its about learning the best process of elimination for knowledge I have obtained so far.

I did a Webflow website and all glee once I got it to work but I am now redoing the very same website with new knowledge I have obtained from research and helping to solve other peoples issues.

This in turn is going to make my new profile site EVEN more attuned performance and responsible.

Send me a PM and we can start looking at it. PS any chance of a donation if I fix it :wink: - wont stop me helping, but if you don’t ask you don’t get and I got TWO cats that need regular feeding.

NOTE: I don’t help with templates.