Scalable biz model with Webflow

Hello Webflowers,

I would like to have your opinion about this. I have been wanting to create a scalable model for the web design biz by selling website templates, digital assets, and affiliate marketing because I am tired of being a freelancer to have to trade time with money.

However, I can not decide between Squarespace, Webflow, and WordPress. Webflow is a tool I like a lot because it gives a lot of creative freedom for designers without the need to code, but I feel the niche is more for design professionals and freelancers.

It seems that it’s easier to sell Squarespace templates because a lot of individuals and small biz owners are using them, also it’s super easy to hand over. However, to create the kind of unique Squarespace template I want I need to invest my time (and money to pay for the online course) to learn coding to tweak it into the non-cliche layout. Squarespace is very closed in that sense, unlike Webflow which has amazing online resources and easy-to-access communities, the existing online courses offered on the market to learn how to create unique Squarespace templates are very expensive.

Also, I feel that Squarespace is more female-friendly. I have the feeling most Webflow influencers on YouTube are male, maybe I am wrong… :sweat_smile: I feel that if I am going to create Webflow templates, I will have more chances in selling templates for SAAS or tech companies.

There is also something I don’t quite understand, Squarespace templates are more expensive ($200 - $500), but most of the layout looks quite a cliche (which causes me Boho fatigue… most of the time it’s in pink, beige, and brown, with fake Boho stocky photographies and baroque Serif font), while Webflow templates are way more affordable and you see more unique and creative designs.

Can anyone shed light on this?

Thanks a lot ! :purple_heart: