Saving users' progress using memberships

I’m creating a gated page with a checklist using the new memberships feature that will look similar to this one: Accessibility checklist | Webflow

How do I save users’ progress so that the checkpoints are not cleared when users come back to this page at a later time?

One solution could be to create a custom field of type text and use logic or any other server integration to update the user data. The text should be actually though an encoded json if you have too many switch variables to save.

Hmm I was hoping for something simpler :wink:

Well, if you want to go nocode route way, wized is the way

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Weird that I hear about Wized only for the first time - looks great. Will play with it to see if it helps, thanks!

If you’re thinking about using a 3rd party solution I’ve got a screencast walking through exactly how to do this with Memberstack:

Here’s the screencast:

Here’s the demo site:

Signup with a fake email address and you can see how it works.

Maybe this will help as well.

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